This month we’re all about Flat-Tip, the hybrid hair extension method and most recent addition to our line of professional extensions. Flat-Tip is half I-Tip, half Tape-In, and all goodness, and it’s presently on sale until the end of this month. That being said, how do you master this dazzling new method when there’s no Flat-Tip course in our Online Education menu? You do it like this:

Get your hands on the tools.
In order to start installing Flat-Tips, whether you’re just practicing or adding the service to your salon, you’re going to need to have some Flat-Tip tools on hand. Flat-Tip installs in the same way as our I-Tip extensions, which means you’d do well to order an I-Tip Hair Extension Starter Kit, which will set you up with all the tools you need to get the job done. This kit comes with I-Tip hair, though, so you may want to order a pack of Flat-Tip on the side to use during your practice session. It’s not totally necessary, but it could help you to get the hang of Flat-Tip’s spacing, which may differ slightly from I-Tip’s.

Enroll in our I-Tip course.
Seeing as Flat-Tip and I-Tip are installed in the same way, you can learn how to install Flat-Tip by familiarizing yourself with I-Tip installation, which we cover in detail in our online I-Tip course. This course will prepare you for the installation, maintenance, and removal of both I-Tip and Flat-Tip extensions, and enable you to earn your I-Tip certification, too.

Practice, practice, practice!
Once you’ve gotten your tools and completed your education, all that’s left for you to do is practice your Flat-Tip technique! You can do this in the comfort of your own home with a mannequin head, within your salon as part of your extension offerings, or at a Babe event with other Babe stylists! Though we don’t offer Flat-Tip-specific classes at our Trade Show or Mastery Tour events (yet!), we’re always happy to field your questions and fuel your drive towards total extension success!

Have you tried working with Flat-Tip hair extensions? How did it go? Share your stories, comments, and questions in the space below!