There’s no feeling like the feeling you get when your client leaves your chair with a fresh new set of hair extensions. The goal is 100% satisfaction as they leave the chair, but let’s face it, every once in awhile you come across a client that isn’t completely satisfied with their new look. However, if you utilize the feedback you receive from these clients in a constructive way, you can help turn them into raving fans and improve your future hair extension services. To help ensure you’re doing everything to make your client happy, try these easy steps.

Ask. Give your client a chance to speak up after the services. The goal is to make sure she leaves your chair happy. So if it’s something that you can fix, why not try to make the extra effort? If it’s a little more blending she wants, take the shears to her hair a little more. If she wants more thickness, add a few extra strands. Whatever you do, just be sure to give your client a chance to give you feedback regarding the service.

Time. Give her time to go home and play with a few styles. It may be that she doesn’t like the lighting in the salon or she doesn’t have her make-up on to see if she is satisfied. After you give her a few days to get used to her new hair, follow up with a text or phone call to check on her. Chances are she’ll be happy. If for some reason she’s not, have her come back in and try to make it right. A simple follow-up phone call can mean the world to your client and set you apart from your competition.

As stylists, we are used to the transformations that hair extensions have the potential to make. However, there are also clients who expect a miracle that just can’t be done. Always schedule a consultation for your first-time hair extension clients. Encourage them to bring in pictures of the hairstyle they want to wear their hair in. By letting them bring in pictures, you can give them your best professional opinion and prevent any surprises on the day of the installation.

Have you had a difficult client? Let us know your story; we’d like to see if we can help for future scenarios!