Anyone that has had the opportunity to attend the Babe Hair Mastery Tour knows that we share tons of time-saving tricks to help you become more efficient and precise, while answering any and of all your head-scratching questions. Sadly, not all of our Babes are able to attend the tour stops, so we thought we would share tricks and tips for the most popular question in demand at Mastery Tour— “How in the world do you remove the old tape without leaving a gunky mess?!”

Tape-In bond remover. The clear bottle, not the blue, is the appropriate remover for Tape-In hair extensions. The clear oil-based remover was formulated specifically for Babe Hair tape removal. Begin by squeezing a little bit of Tape-In Bond Remover to the weft, wait a few seconds and peel top to bottom (like peeling a banana). Don’t: Saturate the head. If the Bond Remover is left on for too long, the adhesive becomes slimy and gummy, leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up. Don’t: Peel right to left or vice-versa. Doing this will cause the tape to come off the weft and stay attached to the natural hair. There will be tape residue left on your client’s head so it’s okay to apply a generous amount to their hair but only to where the tape was placed.

Using a styrofoam head. Once the extensions are taken out, your chances of placing the wefts back in the same place on your client’s head without a system is slim to none. To make this process easier and faster, use a styrofoam head. As you’re taking the wefts out, pin them on the styrofoam in the same order you take them out as. That way, once everything is clarified, you’ll know just where to place them back on your client’s head again.

Clarifying. The wefts should be 100% clarified and rid of any left over tape or residue. To do this, you’ll need clarifying shampoo and baking soda. In a dish, do one part shampoo and one part baking soda then mix them together. Wash the wefts with regular shampoo once. The second time wash them with the shampoo-baking soda mix. The third time, wash them again with the clarifying shampoo (The baking soda works as a gentle abrasive to remove any traces of tape). Remember to place the wefts back on the styrofoam head as you’re washing them to ensure proper placement.

Have more questions? Let us know in the box below. We’d love to help our Babes in tape distress!