If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen what our Salt Lake City Babe Mastery Tour attendees had to say. With more than 30 stylists, it was one of our most successful classes. Needless to say, every stylist that attended agreed, it is 100% worth not only the money, but also the time. Here’s why:

New methods. Most of them had learned how to apply hair extensions in other ways they weren’t comfortable with. The most intimidating method for most stylists is Fusion. It has been around the longest, it’s the most versatile, and the one you can charge the most for. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a gooey disaster because it requires melting. Not only did our attendees learn how to apply this method, they quickly became fans.

YouTube is not the same as a classroom. Most stylists that attend our class admit that they’ve taught themselves to apply hair extensions through YouTube. Although we LOVE YouTube and use it as a platform to reach our stylists, it is in no way shape or form comparable to a one-on-one classroom setting with our Master Educators. In our classes, not only do you get hands-on training and visuals, you get to ask all the questions you need answers to. And because we know you’re paying good money to be there, we make sure you get all the practice you need to ensure you leave as a Babe Hair Pro.

Tips and Tricks. All of the stylists were surprised to find out how much money you could make with hair extensions. A grey area in the hair extension biz is how much to charge. We’ll break down the prices for each method, and trust me, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you’ve been undercharging. Our Master Educators also go over the tips for the quickest ways to ensure a successful extension installation in each method. For example; an easy movement of the finger for the I-Tip can save you minutes, how baking soda can ensure clarified hair, or how a simple comb can hold wefts in place so you don’t have to pick up each strand off your tray.

In sum, all of our stylists agreed it was worth their money because they are now able to offer all 3 methods of installation and feel confident about it. Most reported that the money they spent they got back and double or tripled their income due to their knowledgeable in hair extension prices. Clients have also agreed that they noticed a difference from their stylists who attended the Mastery Class. They said their hair feels and looks so much better, either because of the improvement in placement or in blending.

Whatever it was, most stylists got their money back with their first client. Will you be next?