Today we kick off the second day of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Have you Babes been on social media lately? It’s amazing to see all the support from women all over wearing pink to support the fight against breast cancer. Did you know that 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with this type of cancer? Looking at those numbers, it’s more than likely each one of us knows someone who is fighting, has the lost the fight,or has beat breast cancer. So it’s only right that we take this month to shine the light on our Babe Hair color Mary Catherine, our pink color hair extension.

This is the perfect time to introduce clients to a pop of color if they’ve never tried it before. A whole month to try a vibrant color without commitment might be what your no-color client needs. Adding a few pink highlights of Mary Catherine throughout her hair using I-Tips will be a fun experience for her while showing off her support. Clients new to hair extensions like to know that their hair isn’t connected to any glues or chemicals, so they can take them out if it’s too much to handle.

Besides I-Tip, for your veteran Babe Hair extension client, we have Mary Catherine available in Fusion and Tape-In. When getting a full head installation this month, give them the option to add or swap out a bag for a little POW! In the pink color to add to their installation.

Now we know some job occupations are strict in the appearance of their employees and may not be big fans of the color pink… (pouty face), you can still introduce those clients to Clip-Ins. Because you can always deposit color using a demi or semi permanent color, you can do an awesome pink ombre on all of our lighter shades of hair. This is another great way to introduce your client to hair extensions. Who knows, your client may end up enjoying the extra volume or the dimension in color, only to come back and see you for a more stable method such as a full head of I-Tip, Fusion, or Tape-In.

Who will you be strutting your pink hair for?