Every successful hair stylist knows all the latest trends, products, and tips, when it comes to doing hair—but they also know there is always room to improve and learn new things. Whether you have been installing extensions for years or you’re just starting out, Babe’s Online Education Program is designed to benefit stylists from all walks of life in so many ways.

Babe’s online education courses give you exclusive access to training videos taught by world-renowned stylist Ruben Martinez. Ruben teaches you installation, removal, proper hair extension placement, how to work quickly and efficiently, and so much more! Plus, after watching the video(s) of your choice, you have the chance to become Babe certified!

So what are the benefits of becoming Babe certified? There are so many! First, we list all of our certified stylists in our online directory so potential clients can easily find out which local stylists install Babe hair. Upon course completion, you’ll also be sent a certificate, so clients can rest assured knowing that their stylist has been specifically trained to work with our extensions.

With your certification of completion, you’ll also receive a full marketing kit—for free! Inside are things like shelf talkers, a bright poster, and stylish window and mirror clings to help you show everyone that you install Babe’s high-quality extensions. Your work is an amazing promotion tool in itself, but now your certificate and free marketing materials can boost your reputation even more!

To learn more about our Online Education Program and all the benefits of certification, head over to http://babethings.com/academy today! We look forward to welcoming you to the Babe family!