We love summer and all it has to offer, except maybe one thing— humidity. For those of us who live near beaches, we know one thing is for sure, there’s no fighting the poofy, unmanageable hair humidity brings. We can try to fight it and manage it, but, unfortunately, we can’t make it go away. And while some might believe that taking out their hair extensions will make it easier to manage, they soon find that the short hair isn’t as easy as they thought. High buns and ponytails aren’t as easy to achieve with shorter hair, so the poofiness can be harder to tame. Sometimes having longer hair can actually help you beat the frizz! Here are a few tips to help you and your hair extensions have a standing chance against this muggy enemy.

Lay off the heat tools. Why spend time straightening or curling your hair when you will just be disappointed when it disappears the second you walk out the door? If you have curly or wavy hair, you’re far better off embracing it. Try installing curly or wavy hair extensions for the summer months. It’s always great to be able to switch up your look for the season anyway. The same can be said for naturally straight hair. The curls you get with a curling iron will drop out as soon as you step outdoors. By getting the appropriate hair installed, you save yourself from heat damage to your natural hair and your extensions and have the chance to embrace your natural texture!

Stay away from the wrong shampoo and conditioners. Besides using sulfate-free products, you’re going to want to use products that specifically say moisturizing, frizz-control, and silky straight. Applying a leave-in conditioner can also help to reduce frizz along with other smoothing serums. Be really careful in keeping these oils and serums away from your beads, tape, and bonds as this can cause slippage. (Try to stay at least two inches away from them.) These products tend to do pretty well in this type of weather. It’s also best to stay away from products that have anything to do with volumizing.

Repair. After being in the humidity all day try using a hair oil or hair butter to help moisturize your hair. The perk to using moisturizing products like these is that you’re hair will remain healthy, shiny, and your hair extensions will last a lot longer because your ends will be less prone to becoming brittle or split.

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