It’s always hard to part ways isn’t it? Before we all start getting teary-eyed and ruin our Babe Lash Mascara, we’re not talking about sad good-byes, we’re talking about hair parting. A clean part is just as important as the proper placement and blending in the extension installation process. It can be painful for the client if not done properly, lead to breakage, and ruin a perfect installation.

The Quick Pick Hair Parter is intended to help you with clean lines. Clean lines keep flyaways from getting into the connection between the natural hair and the hair extensions i.e. bonds, beads, or tape. You’ll know when your lines aren’t clean if you have a client call back concerned about her extensions being painful. If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s a constant sharp pain in one area, as if those strands were constantly being pulled. And they really are!... Yikes! Save yourself some time and your client some pain by keeping a close eye on your parting.

Breakage is another thing that can happen if you’re not careful with parting. When your client goes to wash her hair for the first time, she can snag her fingers on those flyaway hairs and break her hair off. Breakage can also occur during the removal of the extensions. Those flyaways that have somehow managed to stay put without breaking will when it comes time to pull away the tape or bonds, even the beads, if you’re not gentle...OUCH!

Alright Babes, that’s it for us this week. If you have any questions, you know what to do!