The hair trend for the past few seasons has been “messy” hair. No longer are we seeing the super slick ponytails or slick middle part. This is awesome news for Babe Hair extension wearers because this means less heat, product, styling, and tugging on your bonds. Meaning, they will stay healthier much longer.

Contrary to other beliefs,  Babe Hair extensions can assist in growing your client’s natural hair. How? Since your client has invested money in their hair extensions, they tend to be more careful with their hair. That, added to the rules of maintaining hair extensions, leads to success in growing out their own longer locks. Rules such as: don’t wear tight ponytails, buns, or braids, don’t wash your hair too often, let your hair extensions air dry, and brush your extensions in sections—help their natural hair feel less stress, tugging, and breakage. By not washing too often, their scalp gives off the oils their hair needs to maintain its healthy shine and strength.

So, if you have a client that has been putting off hair extensions, now is the time to give her that little nudge she needs to try them. Show her how to get those “messy” looks while she wears them and how to be gentle on her hair. She’ll thank you for it when she sees how much longer her natural hair has gotten.

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