One popular hair extension method is the I-Tip, or beaded method. When your client asks for I-Tip, you’ll need to know which kind of bead is best. Babe now offers three types of beads for the I-Tip method.

and Silicone (Our newest!)

We love offering variety because we know that every head of hair is different. So which is best for your client?

Micro-Lock are the most popular. They offer the strongest hold because they have grooves on the inside that interlock when crimped. They reduce slippage and are made of aluminum. Micro-Lock Beads create the most secure hold. If your client has strong, thick hair, then Micro-Lock Beads are perfect.

For fine, thin hair, Flare Beads are best. Flare Beads are longer than Mirco-Lock beads. They’re recommended for thin hair because they’re made of copper, so they’re softer. Because of their longer shape, they spread out the pressure. They still hold securely and prevent slippage.

Silicone Beads are our newest type of bead. Stylists have been using silicone beads for years. Each aluminum bead has an inside coating of soft silicone. Silicone is gentle on hair, which makes these types of beads great for sensitive hair. They also keep hair securely in place.

The installation process for each type of bead is the same: clamp each bead three times with the Hair Extension Tool. The important thing is to choose which kind you think will be best for your I-Tip clients.

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