When a client gets extensions, they’re potentially undergoing a life-changing transformation. In mere hours, they'll have a new 'do that’d otherwise take years to grow out. Here’s some handy tips for helping your clients have an extra special extensions experience.

1. Help your clients come to their appointment prepared. This includes making sure their hair is free from oils and buildup so that their extensions stay in securely. Also, make sure that your clients feel comfortable asking questions before you start installing. Even when clients aren’t talkative, they may have questions, but are simply too hesitant to ask. By taking the initiative, and letting clients know that you’re willing to answer questions and resolve concerns, they’re more likely to feel at ease and make the process that much more pleasant. You might also find it beneficial to set client’s expectations as to the time investment they’ll be making, reminding them to bring something to read or watch while the installation is going on as it can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

2. SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS! Sorry, didn't mean to yell there, but it’s in all caps for a reason. Make sure that no client leaves your salon without this indispensable nugget of hair-care wisdom. Sulfates are too harsh for extensions and can actually weaken them. For more info on the subject.

3. Brush! Brush often! Make sure clients know to brush often! Three times a day is the recommended amount. Let clients know they need to be gentle with their hair, starting from the tips and working upwards, always holding the roots with their other hand. Brushing regularly and multiple times a day helps prevent hair from matting and tangling.

4. Set up touch-up appointments. Make sure that clients understand that their hair will grow, moving the extensions further from the scalp. Every 6 to 8 weeks, stylists can take out these extensions and move them closer to the scalp. It’s also a great opportunity for you as the stylist to check the hair and look for signs of damage or mistreatment.

5. Be gentle and don’t over-do it. Make sure clients know that it’s OK to give their hair a break. Even though extensions are designed to last a long time, hair might benefit from a rest every once in a while, especially if they’ve been wearing them for years.

 With proper treatment and care, extensions will be fun, fashionable and beautiful and your clients will love having them put in!