Long, sultry lashes will be all the rage this holiday season, and Babe Lash is here to get you and your clients ready for them. Between the Serum, the Mascaras, and the Liquid Eyeliner, Babe Lash products will give your client their dream lashes. But how do you get your clients to buy in? Here are some tips for selling these beauties in your salon this season.

Share the Testimonials
We constantly seek user feedback to improve our products and to publish alongside our promotional materials. You can find some of the resulting testimonials on our Before & Afters page. Print these out, then add your own clients’ testimonies to the list. And, of course, don’t forget to share that feedback on social media, too--and to tag @babe_lash in the process!


Display the Products
Another great way to promote Babe Lash in your salon is to feature the product on your shelves or directly on your salon counter. The packaging is sleek and stylish, if we do say so ourselves. Plus, each package comes with a small informational pamphlet which you can remove and prop up nearby the products--somewhere within arm’s length of the client so they can easily reach it.


Use the Products
The best evidence of a product’s success is the kind a client can see firsthand. Show them what it looks like to use Babe Lash for more than 4 weeks, or even how to apply it using yourself as a model. They’re more likely to invest in the product if they see results beforehand, and there’s something extra appealing about the things your stylist personally uses.


Display the Tote
This November-December, Babe Lash is offering a free clutch with purchase of Eyeliner, Serum and Mascara. The clutch in particular is a pretty little attention-grabbing item that can be resold for additional profit in your salon (if you aren’t tempted to keep it for yourself!). You can also carry the clutch with you like a moving advertisement.


Give Babe Lash as a Gift
When it comes to your most dedicated clients, consider rewarding them with a special holiday gift of Babe Lash Serum or Fiber Mascara. They’ll appreciate the gesture--which is a win in itself--but they’ll also likely try the product out and discover its transformative potential. It’s only a matter of time until they come back to replace their empty tubes.


Do you sell Babe Lash in your salon? If so, share a picture of your inventory or display on social media with the hashtag #BabeLash. We love to see how you arrange our products in your space, and with your seasonal decorations!