If you thought you had to wear your hair extensions the same way throughout their duration, think again. As a stylist this can also be your selling point. Most of us are compulsive and want the new hair trend that’s happening at the moment. Well, just because you’ve purchased a set of hair extensions doesn’t mean you can’t re-create your own look with the same set.

Color. Yes, we keep talking about color and we’ll stop when color trends do. If you’re a pro at coloring, not only can you charge for a reinstallation, you can also charge for a custom color job before the next reinstallation. You can make some extra income while your client enjoys the new color she’s been wanting to switch over to without having to buy a different set of hair extensions. WIth proper care, Babe Hair is meant to last a really long time. You can switch colors after several months for a fresher look, or to match the color of the season. If you don’t know which colors are safe to use, ask your local Babe distributor, and always do a strand test to make sure the hair can take it. Remember never to lift, only deposit color!

Cut. Although the whole purpose of buying hair extensions is for the length, there will be some clients who are tired of the same style and need a small change. Cutting the hair extensions into dramatic layers or trimming a small amount for a more edgy-look might be an option for them. Trimming the ends of the hair extensions can also help keep the hair looking smooth by getting rid of those fried ends due to over-styling from heat tools. Those long bobs are in style now and so very tempting. So if it’s the last reinstallation of the year and your client is still trying to grow out that pixie while getting on trend... why not?

Style. Have you ever seen faux bangs? Or how about a long bob made with super long hair? Tricks like these can open so many possibilities for new looks. Try giving your client a couple of pointers on how to be versatile with her new hair. There are so many styling possibilities with hair extensions, it would be a shame not to use them to their full potential.

Hair extensions are meant to add length, volume, and creativity to match your client’s personality. If you have a favorite way to revamp hair extensions or would like to know how, please comment in the box below!