Using the right tools ensures that you’ve installed your hair extensions correctly, and saves you a lot of time, (and more time equals more appointments which equals more income). If your tools are worn out or need to be replaced, don’t procrastinate—time is money. Using tools that need to be replaced can cost you the quality of your work and your time.

Loop Tool. Installing individual beads can be very tedious and time consuming. That’s why we’ve created a loop tool that can hold up to 50 beads. The more you beads you load, the less time you take going back and forth to reload. If you don’t have a loop tool that can pack as many beads at once, we suggest you replace it with one that can. Also, if your loop tool has been worn out, don’t procrastinate on getting a new one. It’s an investment that pays off quickly. Wear and tear is normal just like with any tool, and although tape can be a quick fix, it shouldn’t be used long term.

Quick Pick Hair Parter. The name says it all. If you’re still using a rat tail comb to part hair, you need to replace it as soon as possible. This hair pick attaches to your finger to quickly part hair exactly where you need to. Picking up and putting down a comb with each row of hair is so 10 years ago.

Beads. If your routine is to use one type of bead for all clients, you might want to look into the other types of beads. Not all your clients are going to have the same type of hair, so they shouldn’t all be using the same bead type, right? There are beads specifically for sensitive or fine hair, thick hair, and thin hair. As a stylist, you should be installing the proper bead for your client’s hair. Using the appropriate bead will definitely avoid an unhappy client experiencing slippage.

Hair Extension Tool. We strongly suggest using the hair extension tool from the same brand of beads you’re using. Usually, the company that makes the beads will make the tool that will work best with their beads. We recommend you replace your old hair extension tool if you’re using a new brand of bead. If it’s an old tool, be aware that it might not crimp all that well anymore. If the alignment is off, the tool won’t squeeze tightly. It will also make the removal more difficult as it won’t un-crimp beads as effectively.

Wear and tear is normal just like with any tool. Make sure you’re tools are always working correctly to save the quality of your work and the hassles of a bad hair extension experiencing.

When in doubt, always ask! We are here to help. Email us anytime