It seems like every time we check social media, another celebrity has chopped off her hair into the latest hair trend—the long bob. Don’t worry Babe Hair stylists, you can bank on this trend too! You may be asking, “How? Extensions aren’t meant to be chopped off.” And you’re absolutely right about that. But once upon a time, in the summer of 2015, pixie cuts and short bobs were in, I mean REALLY in. But now the “in” cut seems to be the long bob… again.

Here’s where your skills come in. Those pixie cut clients are most likely trying to grow their hair out to follow the trend. Let them know they don’t have to wait! You’re a master Babe Hair stylist who can give them the look today while they wait for their natural hair to grow out. We do suggest that their natural hair be at least to their occipital bone. This is not to say it can’t be done. We have seen pixie cuts turn into a-line cuts and long bobs. It depends on where you’re at with your extensions and blending skill level.

Also, because you’re not going too long in length (you should be using 12 or 14 inch Babe Hair for this look), there’s an upsell and an upside to it— it’s less expensive than 18 or 22 inch hair packs. Now let’s say your client already has the length she wants on her long bob, does she have the volume? A pack or two can definitely make a difference and give her more styling options. It’s an ideal way to introduce hair extensions to a client that has never worn them before.

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