Single Sided Tape for Tape-In extensions are easy to install and remove. You can watch complete tutorials about the process here.

Here are some extra tips to using Single Sided Tape:

Start with clean, dry hair. Oil and adhesive don’t mix (that’s why our Tape-In bond Remover is oil-based). The tape will stay better if there isn't a lot of dirt or oils to get in the way.

A clean part is essential. You don’t want to trap any hair in the bond that doesn't belong there. Stray hairs or hairs going the wrong direction can cause strain. All the hair in the bond should be neat and running in a perpendicular direction to the bond.

If you’re worried about the Single Sided Tape curling up, press the tape between the plates of a cold flat iron. This will add more pressure than your own hands.

Line up the Single Sided Tape exactly with the Tape-In weft. Any excess Tape can catch on hair and tangle it.

When removing the Single Sided Tape-In Extensions, make sure to use Tape-In Bond remover, not Keratin Bond remover (that’s for Fusion hair extensions). If the bond doesn’t come out right away, use more remover. Never force the extensions out.