We like to think of the Babe blog as a sort of treasure trove filled with extension tips and tricks. Here, we collect everything from business tips to installation insights, product backstories to style inspirations, and we have more than a few hair hacks to help you save time as you work, learn, and grow. But one of our greatest tricks (and treasures!) is pretty unassuming. We’ve carried these gems for ages without making much of a fuss about them! But from now until October 31st, we’re putting them front and center, because Starter Kits are probably the best hair hacks you can find.

First of all, they make your tool shopping oh-so easy.
No need to draft your own list, assemble your own materials, or look up and down for each item needed to complete your tool kit. We’ve done all of that for you in each professional extension category. We have a Tape-In Starter Kit, a Beaded Starter Kit, a Fusion Starter Kit, and a Deluxe Starter Kit, the last of which contains all the tools you need to perform any Babe hair extension installation. Simply select the kit that best suits your purposes and take it to the checkout line. It’s that easy.

Not only are they easy—they’re also informative.
Each Babe Starter Kit comes with a complete Babe Extension Manual, so you’ll never miss a step or forget a detail about your chosen method(s). It’s like having a mini-Babe educator with you at all times, ready to guide you through your process and answer your questions. The Babe Extension Manual acts as a great supplement to our Online Education courses, enabling you to add context to the videos, study key points, or refresh your memory after the course is over.

Best part is, they save you money!
Save on the total cost of all your tools by purchasing a Deluxe Starter Kit ($80 less than purchasing separately)! Plus, take 50% off Online Education with any Starter Kit purchase, from Tape-In to Beaded to Fusion to Deluxe. These changes are permanent, and they coincide with nice new kit features, like updated packaging and new tools! Start browsing now to review the options, then visit your local distributor to seal the deal!

See you soon!