The beauty industry is ever changing, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. You attend trade shows, enroll in high-level courses, attend distributor events, and even join beauty-related social media groups, taking every opportunity that’s offered for you to develop your skills and expand your career. Yet, even so, you find yourself marveling at the next big thing almost as soon as you’ve mastered the previous one. It’s the perfect environment for stylist fatigue, and a total momentum-killer for newly-budding New Year’s resolutions! That’s why, here at Babe, we make a point of updating not only our Online Education and event offerings, but also our YouTube channel—an easily accessible catalog of concise, quickly digestible videos on everything from installation and removal techniques to new product demonstrations and expert advice for your extensions business. If anything new comes up at Babe, expect to see a video about it!

Some of our most popular videos to date are installation how-tos for each of our core methods: Tape-In, Fusion, and I-Tip. These videos feature a summarized, simplified version of what we teach in our Online Education courses (minus consultation, blending, and subsequent certification), making them an ideal tool for brushing up on your extension technique without any additional financial investment, and no significant time investment (videos are regularly less than 5-minutes long). Refresh your practice from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want!

If you’re hungry for a couple of quick-but-informative videos to get started, we recommend:

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Why Cutting and Blending Extensions is Important
Hair Extension Consultation Tips | How to Avoid Mishaps with Your Client
How to Dye Hair Extensions | Ombre & Pastel Colors