Have you ever had a thin-haired client express concern about hair extensions tugging on their natural hair? Even when hair extensions are a recommended course of action for filling out hair thickness or adding length, some clients have a hard time getting over their fear of discomfort, hair loss, or even see-through bonds. In a lot of cases, these are understandable fears--improperly installed hair extensions can cause very real damage. But hair extensions can be a great option for finer-haired women, especially now that there are so many styles and varieties available to suit their needs. So the next time you meet a client who’s on the fence about hair extensions on account of thin hair, pull out some of these extension insights to assuage them:

Tape-In is designed for finer-haired women. When we were developing this method, we were aiming for a lighter, more seamless extension product to suit finer-haired wearers. As such, Tape-In extensions are the safest, most reliable professional extension method for finer-haired women. The weft model distributes the weight of the extension across a wider swath of hair, minimizing tugging, while the tape adhesive applies gently and effortlessly to strands. You can even opt to install the Tape-In extensions with Single Sided Tape--as opposed to a second Tape-In weft--to keep the overall weight as light as possible.

Clip-In is a good, temporary option. Babe Clip-Ins also boast a wider weft model for distributing weight across a large swath of hair, making them great for thin-haired clients. Additionally, though, Clip-Ins can be customized, removed, and adjusted as the client sees fit. They’re a great entryway into professional methods, allowing clients the opportunity to sample the hair extension life before diving in. Advise your finer-haired clients to apply Babe Dry Shampoo to their roots before installing Clip-Ins (for some extra grip). If necessary, they can even twist the hair before fastening the clip to it. Be sure to demonstrate how this is done.

Babe Crown applies no pressure to the hair at all. Babe Crown--one of our newer Instant Hair extension methods--is distinct from all of our other extensions in that it doesn’t attach to or hang from the client’s natural hair. Instead, Babe Crown sits on the crown of the head with the hair suspended from a headband-like wire. It’s ideal for adding extra volume and length without the long-term commitment of professional methods, and it installs/uninstalls in moments. You can even let your client try it out with a sample piece to experience how comfortable it feels for themselves.

What are your tips for assuaging an anxious, thin-haired, would-be hair extension client? Have you ever been in a situation like the one described above? Let us know how you handled it in the comments below!