As fall is making its way in, your summer color will most likely be on its way out. Something about the change from summer to fall has us running to our stylists for a change in hair color. You know fall is right around the corner when you start seeing your favorite blondes a shade or two darker. We’ve done a little research to find out which colors will be this fall’s trend. Here are the colors you should try when deciding on your new fall makeover.

Bronde. The perfect color for a warm, sun-kissed look. It’s a mix of brown with a few honey blond pieces placed around the eyes, cheekbones, and neckline. To achieve this look, stay away from adding the blond to the top of the head. A very classy look for brunettes to add a touch of excitement to their basic brown look. When adding length with Babe Hair Extensions, mix two colors together. For a more subtle look, our favorite is Eva. For a more dimensional look, try mixing two colors like Roxanne with Cindy, or Roxanne with Ginger.

Sombre. A more subtle look that will be big this fall. It’s similar to the ombre but going in a new direction. With sombre colors, the lighter pieces are placed higher up, especially around the face, keeping the top of the head darker, while the lower lengths of the hair have a stream of light colors running through. It looks more natural and brings to light the texture and layers of your hair. For instance, a combination of Sally and Ruby would work beautifully to achieve this look.

Chocolate. If you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned one-color classy hair style, try a rich chocolate brown. Several celebrities have been spotted with this gorgeous color already. We can see why so many love this unique color. It really brings out the color of the eyes, and pairing it with a rouge lipstick is absolutely stunning. Betsy is one of our favorite chocolate brown colors. You can never go wrong with a chocolate brown for the fall/winter seasons.

If you want to skip on the harsh coloring process, you can create brondes and sombres without coloring the natural hair unless the top of the head needs to be colored. If you’re going for length with a chocolate color, we suggest you have the chocolate hair extensions in hand, that way it’ll be much easier to match the natural hair with the hair extensions.

Have you started on your fall makeover? Share your ideas with us, we’d love to help!