Now that summer is creeping up on us, we’ve got to make sure our skin is summer ready too. Some of us choose to spray tan, and others prefer the tanning beds (if you’re a self tanner kind of gal this one isn’t for you). If you’re one of our tanning bed Babes, however, you may notice a change in the look and feel of your hair extensions if you're not taking the proper precautions. Here’s the problem with tanning beds and the solutions for preventing damage to your Babe Hair Extensions:

Why: A tanning bed is equivalent to sitting out in the sun, so just like the sun, the bulbs in tanning beds aren’t hair extension friendly. The damage from the bulbs comes from the heat they radiate, which can cause drying of your Babe Hair extensions and can potentially start to break down the bonds of our Fusion or Tape-In extensions. If you’re familiar with wearing our Tape-Ins or Fusion extensions you know that heat can reactivate the bonds, which can cause slippage and matting. Which is why we tell you not to get too close with any curling irons or straighteners when it comes to Tape-In and Fusion.

What to do: In a perfect world, we would want you to stay away from tanning beds altogether, but we know that’s impossible. So on your visits to the tanning bed, make sure you:

  • Mist your hair with the heat protectant of your choice or use a light leave-in conditioner. These will serve as a coating of hydration while you’re in the bed. Just remember to keep it away from the bonds (any moisturizer should be applied from the midshaft down).

  • Place your hair in a loose braid or bun before entering the tanning bed.

  • Always use a towel or thick head wrap while in the bed.

You can also use these tips to protect your hair against the outdoor sun. Heat and hair extensions just don’t go together, and if you don’t take precautions, you could find yourself in a matted, sticky mess.

Have a question or comment when it comes to tanning beds? Let us know; hearing from our Babes is the best!