Summer is officially here, which means most of us are taking vacations to places around the world. We’re looking forward to the adventures that await us and the fun memories we’ll be making—the last thing we want to worry about is our hair extensions. When traveling out of town this season, make sure the following items are the first ones to go in your suitcase to keep your Babe Hair extensions looking fabulous.

Babe Hair Dry Shampoo. When you’re out of town you want to spend more time playing and less time fidgeting with your hair, right? A bottle of this gently-scented dry shampoo bottle will save you time by keeping your hair super clean without unnecessary washing. It gets rid of excess oils from the scalp, leaving your hair smelling refreshed. And, as a bonus, it’s perfect for achieving those perfect curls and wavy hair for a night on the town. Just spray some on your ends before using a curling iron and you’ll definitely see the added volume it provides.

Babe Hair Extension Brush. Our brush is specifically designed for Babe Hair extensions. The brush doesn’t yank or pull on your beads, bonds, or tape, so it’ll keep your extensions from slipping. The brush also helps to keep the strands from matting or tangling.

Single Clip-Ins. This is very important to have in case of any slippage  due to overexposure to the sun or water (we love our oceans and pools in the summer, don’t we?). These single clips can be used to cover any areas that need to be covered up until you can get an appointment with your stylist to have your permanent extensions re-installed.

All of these can be found through your distributor.