Who doesn’t love a razor? It’s one of the best tools created in the hair industry, right? When working with hair extensions, a razor can make blending so much easier by making the layers of hair flow perfectly. However, if not properly trained using a razor, a hair extension job can go south real quick. If you haven’t had enough practice or aren’t used to using one, we suggest working on a mannequin head until you’ve perfected this skill. Here are some rules to follow when using a razor:

  1. Always use a soft motion.

  2. Never cut a blunt or straight line with either shears or razors. This will definitely ruin the ends of the hair extensions.

  3. Never use an old blade. Old blades will pull or distress the hair. New blades create soft lines for hair extensions when blending.

  4. Take Babe’s online certification classes so that you know the proper motions and how to use a razor on extensions correctly.

By not knowing how to properly razor hair extensions, you can potentially damage the integrity of the hair by causing the ends to split and fray. The point-cut motion is always safe, so until you master your razoring skills, we suggest you continue using this technique.

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