Here at Babe, we talk a lot about hair extension stylists, specialists, and—most recently—connoisseurs! But if there’s such a thing as a “specialist” or “connoisseur” in an industry, shouldn’t there be a “generalist” or “hobbyist,” too? Personally, we wouldn’t want to get our extensions installed by an extensions hobbyist. An extensions generalist, though, could probably do with some additional explanation.

In a nutshell, an extensions generalist is someone who uses all of the available hair extension methods. This person is competent at wielding I-Tip, Fusion, and Tape-In extensions alike—maybe even Flat-Tip, if they’re really up on the trends. They tend to be less territorial about one method or another, and are often the stylists most open to welcoming Clip-In services into their salon. Everything is fair game.

Can an extensions generalist also be a specialist in one of their methods? Perhaps, but usually we designate the term “generalist” for people who are equally proficient in all of their chosen methods. One notable overlap, though, would be the best-of-the-best hair extension masters who are specialist-level in each of the extension methods. These stylists could simultaneously be called specialists and generalists, and, more often than not, they’re also hair extension connoisseurs. So how does that work, and how can you get to that point?

It takes a lot of drive and commitment to become proficient in every hair extension method, and even more to develop mastery. It’s not surprising, then, that the most accomplished hair extension stylists are the ones who demonstrate a passion for the medium itself, and are pushed beyond the markers of a certificate or a successful extension business to a truly fulfilling hair extension practice. We’ve used the terms “extension business” and “extension practice” interchangeably in the past, but in actuality they’re very different. A business is the monetary reality of your hair extension services. A practice is a lifestyle, or a way of approaching that business reality that emphasizes what it means to you (rather than the objective results).

We’ve talked about what to do to become a hair extension connoisseur, but let’s talk about how to become an extension generalist—and, specifically, an extension generalist who is also a connoisseur: a hair extension master. Firstly, you have to study up on a wide range of hair extension methods. If you’ve set up shop with just I-Tip or Fusion in your arsenal, now is the time to dip into Tape-In, Flat-Tip, and even Babe Instant Hair. You can do that right here.

Once you’ve earned your certification in each method, focus on supplemental education. Trade show classes, distributor events, educational DvDs, and the Babe Mastery Tour—designed specifically to level-up your extension skills—are all at your disposal. Take advantage of these opportunities to really hone in on your craft.

Finally, consider becoming a Babe educator. Our Babe representatives would be happy to talk you through the process, and there are plenty of chances to get started. It’s no secret that becoming an educator affords you a greater understanding of the work that you do. After all, you really need to know your stuff in order to communicate it effectively to other people! Plus, teaching is always a learning process, and you’ll learn new things from your students and fellow-educators every single day.

Ready to dive back into Babe education? Leave us your comments in the space below!