We know there are endless possibilities when it comes to hair extensions and that’s why we love them so much. However, most clients aren’t aware of how much flexibility they have with them. We offer different methods of installations for multiple reasons, but did you know you can combine two to create a picture perfect finish?

When using Tape-Ins, many stylists choose to combine them with I-Tip or Fusion extensions. Tape-Ins are great because they add lots of volume, while the tape is still easily hidden. It’s also much quicker to install than Fusion or I-Tip. However, there are those tricky spots on the head (especially on the sides by the ears) where using the strand-by-strand method can work better. And that’s where I-Tip and Fusion can really help you wow your client.

I-Tip and Fusion extensions allow you to place strands where you need the flexibility to add hair to improve blending. Depending on the size of the client's head it can be difficult to manage the size of the perimeter you leave around the side of the head. Either you install too much hair or too little hair. Utilizing the smaller Fusion or I-Tip strands gives you much more flexibility to add a sufficient amount of hair to blend naturally but also gives you freedom to leave a perimeter to help hide the bonds.

During your consultation, let your client know they have this option. Now that summer’s begun, we’re all pulling our hair up, and combining Fusion or I-Tips with Tape-In extensions can be a great option for adding maximum length and volume while maintaining a very natural and sleek look.

Have you tried this method before? Do you have a question about how to use more than one method on a single client? Let us know!