If you have ever browsed around Babe’s Website, you've probably noticed that there’s no “buy now” or “add to cart” button.

That’s because we don’t sell Babe Hair Extensions online. We offer our extensions only through select independent distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Babe is also expanding to Central and South America and other countries around the world.

It’s really easy to buy Babe Hair Extensions. Here’s how it works:

1. Find your local distributor. We have a nifty tool for this on our website to help you find a distributor. Select your state or province to see the nearest distributor. If your state doesn’t have a distributor, the nearest one in a neighboring state will be listed.

2. Contact your distributor. The contact information for the distributor is listed for your viewing pleasure. You can walk right in or give them a call. Every distributor is a little different. Many have catalogs or websites that make shopping for their products easy.

3. Order hair extensions. If the distributor for your state is located far away from you, there is no need to worry. Most distributors will ship their products straight to you! You can browse all Babe’s products on our website.

Your distributor will also have information about special promotions and educational hair extension classes.

Most distributors sell only to salons and licensed beauty professionals, so make sure to ask your distributor about their policies.

Getting Babe Hair into your salon is easy! In no time you can be installing hair extensions and making amazing hair transformations.