Babe Hair Extensions is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Babe and one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious raw human hair suppliers. Babe Hair then partnered up with the best professional distributors to make the highest quality hair exclusive to licensed professionals.

What is the benefit of an exclusive distribution model? The short answer is value. Through our distributors, you’re able to buy hair that is only sold to salon professionals and not ordinary consumers. For us, that means that we can ensure the best possible application and experience of our product. For you, that means that you can distinguish yourself and your services. The exclusivity adds value to both of our businesses, and enables you to price the hair at what you want as a salon owner, without having to compete with consumer prices.

Distributors are very helpful in other ways, too. Through distributors, you’re able to get all your needs taken care of, including:

Customer service. This is very important to us. While we’re always happy to hear from our Babes, we feel it’s best to have a place where you can have one-on-one interactions with someone who is highly educated in our product. Our distributors have taken the time to get to know our products extensively and can therefore provide you with the best knowledge for any questions you swing their way. Going back and forth through emails and/or phone calls can be such a hassle for customers going through a frustrating situation; we feel it’s best to address the issue physically so you can bring in the product to troubleshoot. If for any reason you have issues with our product and a return or refund is necessary, the distributor can be of best assistance for these very reasons.

Education. Through participating distributors, you are also able to become Babe Hair Certified. We also support our distributors in this effort by offering Online Education, blogs, and a fantastic YouTube channel full of tutorials and troubleshooting videos. Our extensive Online Education series is especially designed to fit the stylist’s needs, offering step-by-step instruction in each of our three professional methods. But distributors are able to provide you with in-person, hands-on training to bring those ideas to life. Distributors are, essentially, the professional support network that helps our Babes grow. They’ve played an important role in the launch of our biggest ever educational effort: the Babe Mastery Tour, where theoretical learning and hands-on practice come together for hair extension mastery!

If you have an installation issue or would like to give us a review, please feel free to call us anytime at 1-888-840-2223. Babes are always welcome. Otherwise, don’t be scared to get to know your distributors; they provide you with the best products, classes, and the best help!

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