Have you ever noticed a really bad hair extensions job? If you have, then you now know how this myth started. Hair extensions that are applied correctly go unnoticed. To the eye, a great hair extension job looks like thick, long hair… natural. Every client is different and therefore it’s best to know different installation techniques. Getting to know the quality and texture of different hair extensions will allow you to advise your client on which hair type will blend in best with their natural hair. Afterall, blending is the secret to natural looking hair extensions.

First, make sure you purchase enough hair. Can you imagine running out of hair before you’ve finished the installation? It happens more often than it should and it definitely shows. It’s always better to have hair left over than to run out prematurely. Always remember that the thicker your client’s hair is, the more packs of hair you will need.

The hair needs to match the texture and color of the natural hair. The closer the match, the easier it will be to blend, which is one of the keys to making extensions look just like real hair. It’s also important to make sure the cut and final hairstyle are appropriate for the texture of the hair. For example, with curly hair, you’re going to want to cut it into layers to avoid the pyramid look. You should also make sure the method is right for your client’s hair type. For example, stylists usually prefer to use I-Tip or Fusion extensions for clients with oily scalps, and for those with thin hair, Tape-Ins are usually the favorite since they puts less stress on fine hair strands. As a stylist, you have to make the final judgement call, but always make sure the method you choose is the right fit for your client’s hair type and lifestyle.

One last note: if a client has severely damaged or incredibly short hair, they may be better off with a wig or an enhancer rather than extensions. Installing hair extensions on these clients will not only look unnatural, you’re risking the possibility of damaging their hair further.

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