"Why snip when you can clip?"

Ever notice how celebrities have flawless bangs one week and bare foreheads the next? Now their secret is your secret: Clip-In Bangs. If you can wear bobby pins and barrettes, you can wear Babe Bangs. It takes guts to cut—but now you don't have to! Mix up your look without cutting your hair using the ultimate commitment-free hair accessory. Perfect for adding a little something to any hairdo, they'll frame your face, conceal your baby hair, and satisfy your ever-changing whim all at once!

• 100% Human hair
• Meticulously-designed with evenly stiched layers—edges blend perfectly with your natural hair
• 3 strategically placed pressure sensitive clips to ensure secure hold
• Damage-free: Babe Bangs involve no glue, chemicals, or heat to install—just a couple of clips!
• Lasts a year or longer with proper hair
Available in:
Doll (straight bangs)
Glam (side bangs)


What you'll need:

Place Babe Bangs on head, positioning them where they look and feel most natural for your hair and face shape. Then, snap the clips into place, beginning with the center clip and finishing with the two outer clips.

Tips & Tricks:

• Our Babe Bangs purposefully come a little long in order for every individual user to trim them according to her unique preferences and face shape! If you don't feel comfortable trimming them on your own, have your stylist shape and feather your bangs to better blend them with your natural hair.

• After securing Babe Bangs, spray the edges with Babe Dry Shampoo to blend textures between the bangs and your natural hair.

• After you've applied the Clip-in Bangs, braid a chunk of your natural hair next to one of your ears all the way to the bottom. Then, stretch the braid across the top of your head right against the back edge of the Clip-in Bangs and pin it on the other side of your head, behind your ear. This is a fun and stylish method for helping completely disguise the back edge of the Bangs!

• If you want to play around with the volume of your Bangs, you can always tuck back some of side layers of the hair piece and pin them to your hair. This will create a lighter layer of bangs, offering a new look.

• Be gentle and careful when combing or brushing wet hair extensions. Hair is more fragile when it is wet and breaks more easily than when dry.