"Looks like the real deal!"

Babe's Clip-In extensions install in a matter of minutes! you can either put them in yourself or enlist the help of a stylist. Wefts attach to your hair using small pressure-sensitive clips, which are easily hidden and stay securely in place until you're ready to take them out. With proper care, our Clip-Ins can last up to a year, giving you more hairstyle options than you can count!

• No-stress installation method for any skill level
• A tried-and-true, familiar extension method
• Works best with medium-thick, non-fine, sturdy hair
• Allows for total control over hair placement
• 1 pack contains 10 pieces in varying widths
• one 9" piece
• two 6" pieces
• one 7" piece
• two 4" pieces
• four 1.5" pieces
• Confortable and secure pressure clips
• Attach in a matter of minutes
• Lasts a year or longer with porper care
Available in:
16 Clip-in, 120 grams
16 Clip-in, 140 grams
18 Clip-in, 120 grams
18 Clip-in, 150 grams
20 Clip-in, 120 grams
20 Clip-in, 160 grams


What you'll need:

- Clip-in Hair Extensions
- Tail comb
- Hair claw or Gator Clip
- Babe Dry Shampoo (optional)

Gator Clips are perfect for keeping the upper hair layers away while installing hair extensions, plus, they work great for general styling.

Check them out

Prep: Be sure that your hair is cleaned and brushed out before applying Babe Clip-ins. If you're in a rush, spary dry shampoo on the roots of your hair to decrease oil and provide a gritty texture for the clips. This is especially necessary for women who have finer hair.

1 Step 1: Begin by setting out your hair extensions, pairing them in groups of same-size wefts. Your Babe Clip-In Hair Extensions kit has 10 pieces which should be organized into four piles (grouping them together will help you stay organized while installing the Clip-Ins).

2 Step 2: Using either your finger or the tail comb, section off your hair horizontally a few inches above the nape of your neck and secure the rest of your hair on top of your head using the Gator Clips. Take your tail comb and tease the roots of the sectioned off hair (this will allow the clip to attach more easily). Select one of the 6" wefts, opening each of the clips on the weft. Attach it snugly on the sectioned hair, snapping the middle one in place, followed by the two side clips.

3 Step 3: Once the first weft is attached, section off the hair horzontally again, about an inch above the first completed section. Tease hair at the roots, and repeat step two, fastening the second 6" weft into place. Smooth out the hair with your fingers to blend the installed extensions with your natural hair.

4 Step 4: Section off hair horizontally again, one inch above the second row. Tease hair at the roots of the newly-sectioned hair, then fasten the 8" weft, snapping center clips and outer clips into place.

5 Step 5: Section off hair again about an inch above the third row. Tease roots and fasten the 7" piece, snapping center clips and outer clips into place. Gently run fingers throught hair to blend extensions with natural hair.

6 Step 6: Now, on one side of the head, tease a small section of hair just above the ear. Attach one of the 1.5" wefts so that it is closely aligned with the previously attached 8" piece.

7 Step 7: Section off hair horizontally just above your temple, near the crown of your head. After teasing the roots, attach one of the 4" wefts along the edge, snapping canter clips and outer clips into place.

8 Step 8: Attach another 1.5" weft an inch above the 4" piece, a few inches away from the hairline.

9 Step 9: Repeat steps 6-8 on the opposite side of the head. Gently run fingers through hair to blend extensions and natural hair. Style your new hair as usual.

For Removal: Begining at the top of your head, unclip each weft and carefully store them until further use.

Tips & Tricks:

• If you want to wear your hair up while also using your hair extensions, you may still clip them in—but apply the extensions upside down! Be sure to attach them underneath layers of your natural hair so they remain unnoticed.

• Depending on your natural hair length and cut, you may want a few of the wefts layered or feathered by a stylist so they'll blend more seamlessly into your hair. This is especially true for women who have shorter hair or very choppy layers cropped close to their face.

• If you'd like to change the texture of your hair extensions (from straight to curly, or vice-versa), the best and safest way to do so while protecting your extensions is to use water. It takes extra time, but it's worth it to save the extensions from unnecessary heat damage.

• To go from straight to curly: using a water bottle, spritz your unattached extensions so that they are slightly damp (not soaking wet) and put them in sponge curlers overnight. That way, they'll already have a huge head start in the morning. You may still have to use heating appliances for finishing touches and perfected ringlets, but the majority of the curling will have already been done.

• To go from curly to straight: using a water bottle, spray the unattached extensions with water and gently comb them out. This will do the majority of the straightening. The next morning they should be dry—and much straigher! If there is still a slight bend to them, you can use a straightener on low-lvel heat to apply the finishing touches.

• If you are going to use heating tools on your extensions, be sure to apply hight-quality heat protecting products beforehand. HOWEVER, you must wait until your hair is completely dry before bringing any heating tools into contact with the extensions, otherwise you'll burn the extensions!

• Be gentle and careful when combing or brushing wet hair Clip-in extensions. Hair is more fragile when it is wet and breaks more easily than when dry.

• Always remember: hair extension wefts should be like your undergarments—snung and secure, but completely unnoticeable! if you can see any part of it, it doesn't look good, so be sure to follow the instructions and disguise the Clip-Ins well.