Crown Hair

"You're a queen and you know it."

Dressed up or dressed down, you carry yourself and your hair with style! And a single-weft Babe Crown makes it that much easier; simply pull the wire over your head in seconds and radiate royalty!

100% Human hair on a single wide weft

• An easy, new and exciting hair extension method
• Works well for sensitive scalps and for thin, fragile, or slick hair
• A low-maintenance option for quick and easy results
• 1 pack contains 1 wide weft full of hair
• Easily installs
• Adjust the microfilm wire to fit snugly around the crown of the head
• Pull the wire band into place
• To blend, pull a layer of natural hair on top and brush
• Sits snugly on the head, so it does not place any tension on the natural hair
• Lasts a year or longer with proper care
Available in:
16 Solo, 105 grams
16 Solo, 145 grams
18 Solo, 105 grams
18 Solo, 155 grams
20 Solo, 105 grams
20 Solo, 165 grams

Because Babe Hair Extensions are made from the highest quality, 100% Human hair, they maintain a radiant and smooth texture without any synthetic coatings like silicone. Babe's hair ensures a lasting, natural look that won't easily tangle or mat.


What you'll need:

- Babe Crown
- Tail comb
- Paddle hair brush

1 Step 1: Fit the crown on your head and adjust the wire accordingly. You want the string to sit snugly about 2 inches or so behind your hairline (somewhat like a thick headband would). After the wire is adjusted it will stay in place and remain sturdy during future use!

2 Step 2: Brush through your natural hair so it is tangle-free. Next, place the adjusted Crown on your head. Pull it down tightly with your fingers until it feels secure, the bottom resting snugly below the bump on the back of your skull and the sides sitting behind your ears.

3 Step 3: Begin pulling the top layer of your hair over the Crown using the tail of your comb, section by section, until the Crown's string and weft edges are completely covered. Use a paddle brush and gently brush the hair so the natural hair blends with the Crown hair.

4 Step 4: Style hair as usual.

Tips & Tricks:

• Crown extensions can become tangled, so be sure to carry a good brush around with you. When brushing your extensions, always start from bottom and work up, holding sections of extensions in your hand so there is no direct pulling or stress on the sewn hair weft.

• If desired, enlist the help of a stylist to help customize the Crown hair, blending it with your natural hair (this works especially for women who already have intense layers).

• When using heating tools, remember: Crown hair is not like your natural hair. If you're used to using high heat on your own hair, keep in mind that the Crown hair is extremely soft and can be curled or straightened on lower heat levels than what you may be used to using.

• The less heat you use on your extensions, the better! Do most of the curling or straightening with water. Using a water bottle, spritz the Crown hair with water until it is a little damp, then either put it into curlers for curly hair, or spritz it with water and comb through it to straighten out curls.

• Be gentle and careful when combing or brushing wet hair extensions. Hair is more fragile when it is wet and breaks more easily than when dry.