Instant Hair Care

Treat your Babe Instant Hair with love for long-lasting locks and hair pieces.

Do This:

• Use a high-quality brush to carefully detangle your extensions before installing them into your hair. After installation, comb your fingers through the extensions to help blend them with your natural hair.

• When brushing your extensions, be sure to start at very ends and work your way up, holding the roots or attachments with your hands.

• After your extensions are secure, spritz the wefts that meet your head with Babe Dry Shampoo to help blend them into your natural hair.

• Take a bit of leave-in conditioner in your fingertips and rub it into ends of your natural hair to blend them with the extension hair. This will disguise split ends and dryness in your natural hair.

• After the extensions are in place, take mixed sections of both natural and Babe hair and style them using either a curling wand, curling iron, or straightener.

• Avoid bringing extension wefts into contact with hair products—including shampoos and conditioners.

Run Away From:

• Hair products containing sulfates (check your shampoos)! Professional, sulfate-free shampoos from a salon are the best option

• Salty/chlorinated water

• Products that will bleach/lighten hair

• Any permanent hair treatments

Be Wise:

• Use tools that heat your hair as little as possible

• Do not sleep with Babe Instant Hair still attached! Rubbing against bedding all night could cause premature wear and possible matting of hair—aging and entangling your hair pieces very quickly!

IMPORTANT: Listen up, ladies. Do NOT—we repeat—do NOT attempt to lift color from your extensions! The result will be drastic and irreparable. Though Babe Instant Hair is 100% Human hair, it will not respond to bleaches or color-lifting treatments the way your natural hair will.