Hair extensions have gained the reputation of being high-maintenance or causing damage. These negative comments come from clients that have had a bad hair extensions job, or not being educated enough on the proper care and installation of their hair extensions. Whatever the case may be, it is our job as stylists to make our clients aware that hair extensions require the same amount of TLC as natural hair. You wouldn’t go days without brushing your natural hair would you? It would mat and tangle the same way hair extensions would if you skipped out on  brushing. The experience your client gets with their extensions is all up to the stylist. From proper installation to after care education.

By having extensions in, your client is likely to be more gentle on her own natural hair. We should be gentle when styling and washing our natural hair but sometimes we tend to neglect it because we figure it’ll just grow out. We’re more careful with our extensions because first of all, it can’t grow back if we mess up, and second, we paid a pretty penny for not only the hair but the installation. Take the little bit of extra time to let your clients know that the care for hair extensions is the same as natural hair. For long lasting hair, the key is just to be gentle—simple as that. You don’t need to invest hours and buy crazy amounts of products. There’s no reason for hair extensions to be more high maintenance than your natural hair.

When in doubt, double check. During installation, we can easily get distracted by the conversation we’re having with our client or with our surrounding in the salon. Make sure you gently tug on each strand to make sure it’s secure enough. Before installation, be sure you’re following all the do’s and don’ts. If you have a question and can’t find the answer on our weekly tips, give us a call. We’d rather take the time to speak with you before the installation, than deal with an angry customer after due to an installation issue. Our phone lines are always open and it’s always a pleasure to hear from our Babe Hair stylists. Installation and removal is the most important aspect of hair extensions. When people say extensions are damaging, it falls back on the stylist either because of improper installation or removal.

Any questions or concerns? Drop us a line, we enjoy hearing from our Babes!