Before we get into this topic, let’s just start off by saying that it is all a matter of preference and conditions. While some may want to wear hair extensions, things like health conditions might stop them. We do, however, have many women that have gone through a drastic life-changing experience, such as being cancer survivors, and choose to wear hair extensions while they wait for their natural hair to grow back. Things like going through chemotherapy might stop you from being able to wear hair extensions simply because there isn’t enough hair to attach extensions to. It could also be that the hair is too weak to hold on to the bonds of hair extensions. But for women without restraints that would like to know which would suit them better, let’s look at the pros for each, as we don’t like to down play either one due to, again, personal preference.

Wigs. These are definitely the best choice if you have lost the majority of your hair, or if your hair is too short to use the bonds that hair extensions require. They are the perfect option for those who don’t like to spend the time styling their hair. Because a wig is like a cap, your head will feel a little warmer—especially if you are wearing it all day. Also, you know those funky colors that have been the trend for a while? Instead of coloring your own natural hair, you can choose to wear a wig instead and save your hair from the harsh bleach and chemicals. Don’t let the color fool you, not everyone with blue or pastel pink hair is actually coloring their natural hair. Their secret is a wig!

Extensions. The two main reasons why more women prefer hair extensions is because they feel more secure since they are attached to individual strands of your hair. They also look and feel natural, especially if they are 100% human remy.  If you don’t like wearing hats or caps, extensions are going to feel a lot more comfortable than a wig. Damaging color jobs can also be avoided with extensions, whether it’s a drastic color change or a subtle one; it all depends on you and how many bags of extensions you want to use. Extensions have more flexibility than wigs when it comes to styling. If you enjoy coming up with different hairstyles for your hair, extensions would be a better choice since you can style hair extensions just like you would your natural hair. As we get older our hair will feel a lot more thin, and we might even have minor bald spots. Extensions can be used for either situation. All three methods will work for more volume, while Fusion will work best to cover up a little balding.

Most of the time, hair extensions look more natural than a wig, but if you have a secret to wearing one, or if you prefer hair extensions over wigs, please let us know. We’re always interested in what our Babes think!