A consultation for your new Babe Hair client would always include the installation and maintenance of her new luscious locks. How long the installation takes, what to do on the day of the initial installation appointment, the after-care, and safe products. But there is one important thing that usually gets left out, asking the customer how she regularly styles her hair. Yes, Tape-Ins are all the rage and rightfully live up to their reputation, but also consider this— if your client is used to constantly putting her hair up, she may be a better candidate for a different method...

Tape-ins tend to show more when placing the hair up because of their width and their tendency to cover more areas of the head all at once. Your client may not want to give up her updo’s for this kind of method. If she’s willing to, then no worries! But if she’s not, it’ll be best to look into Fusion or I-Tips as they are done strand by strand. The clear keratin bond on the Fusions blend into the color of the hair, so no matter the hair color, they will camouflage when placed in a ponytail or bun. Is your client not a fan of bond? That’s okay, she can still opt for the I-Tip method which can also be blended into the hair by choosing the right bead color.

There is also another kind of compromise, by combining two methods of Babe Hair. If she likes the idea of having Tape-Ins and doesn’t want to go a different route, ask if she would be interested in having the middle filled with Tape-Ins and the outer parts of her head with Fusion or I-Tip. That way, she still gets the look and feel of Tape-Ins and doesn’t have to worry about them showing in the front, back, or sides.

Tip of the week: Always ask the styling method to match the client up with the proper extension method.

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