You love your new hair and the amazing length and volume you got from your hair extensions. But the point of hair extensions is that they are not supposed to look like hair extensions. It’s like a magician revealing his secrets. The last thing you want is for others to see your bonds, beads, clips, or tape. So how do you keep those hidden away without compromising style?


Leave out at least a 1 inch perimeter of hair around the head. That hair will cover the attachment points when your client pulls back her hair into a ponytail.

Make sure to match. Try to get beads and bonds that are close to the hair color. And unless you’re intentionally trying to get streaks of color (which is a fun look), make sure the hair matches perfectly. There are several ways to get a good color match, read here and here.

Don’t install beads and bonds higher than the horseshoe section of the head. Otherwise, the hair won’t be thick enough to cover them, and they’ll poke through.

If hair is too thin, the extensions will not only show, but could damage your hair. Make sure there is enough healthy hair to support extensions and keep them concealed.


Get the tightened and moved up every few weeks. How often you need to go in for tightening depends on the method and how fast your hair grows, but you need to head to the salon about every month. Your stylist can move your extensions up and tighten the bonds. If they are falling too low on your head, they’re more likely to be seen.

Brush often! Three times a day with a soft bristle brush is best. This prevents matting and tangling, and a messy head is an extension giveaway. You’re extensions will last longer and feel better, too.

If you’re adding a significant amount of length, then there will be an obvious difference because no one has hair that grows that fast! People are bound to notice. So soak up the compliments, and let them wonder you get your hair to look so fabulous.