Guess what, Babes? Babe hair recently joined TruBeauty! We’re excited to make this announcement, especially because they will be supplying 6 major areas— Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C..

TruBeauty’s mission statement is “To offer the most unique and highest quality brand to their customers, allowing the stylists and beauty professionals of the finest spas and salons to elevate their business and level of success.” With that being said, Babe Hair is so glad to be part of such an amazing team of professionals that we know will take care of all of your Babe Hair needs.

Stop by and check out Babe’s new home! For TruBeauty locations visit: more information on TruBeauty and the different products available through them visit:

As always, we love answering any headscratchers so drop your questions below!