Although the original installation seems similar to a touch-up, there are extra steps to take to make sure you install the extensions as well as you did the first time. The following are a few pointers to make sure you do everything right on your end.

Removal. Remove the hair extensions with Babe’s Tape-In Bond Remover. Take the time to remove all of the old adhesive because leftover tape residue (and the dirt it traps) can lead to slippage. Let the bond remover soak on the adhesive for a few seconds before pulling the strips apart. Slide them out gently.

Clarify. Make sure you have clarified both the natural hair and the hair extensions. Only use a clarifying shampoo and no conditioner, since conditioners can make the hair a bit too smooth, so you risk slippage. Before beginning the installation, hair must be also completely dry. You want your palette to be clean so the new tape sticks strongly, which means removing all dirt, oil, and old adhesive beforehand.

No Same-Day Treatments. If you’re planning on coloring the extensions and/or your clients hair, make a separate appointment for that before the installation. Add blow-outs and conditioning treatments to that list, too. Treatments that use chemicals, dyes, oils, etc. will definitely keep the adhesive from thoroughly sticking and working like it’s supposed to.

The Reinstallation. The new tape should be applied to both sides. How you apply the hair is an important part of how the hair holds. Most stylists find that creating their “sandwich” starting from the top helps the hair stay in-tact better than if they start from the bottom. Why? Because when you work top to bottom, you’re able to better control how much hair you “sandwich” between the wefts.

Before you send your clients off, always remind them to avoid washing their hair for the next 48 hours. Since they’re used to having their hair in, it could be easy for them to forget that it’s just been retouched and fall back into their normal routine. For good measure, also remind clients to stay away from their roots when conditioning, and to protect their hair at bedtime, when out in the sun for long periods, and while swimming. (And don’t forget to emphasize those summer hair care tips!)

Do you have any secrets to keep Tape-Ins from slipping? Please share!