Clip-ins have recently become popular due to the fact that women want flexibility in their look, non-permanence of the results and ease of installation. Anyone from high school girls, to busy mothers, and the corporate, on-the go gal have all become fans of the quick hair extension method. As a stylist, it’s hard to see the potential in making money on clip-ins, but as more and more salon clients are looking for accessible solutions,, here’s your chance to bank on that same idea. If you haven’t thought of ways to acquire the clip-in client, take a look at some of these ideas:

Color. There are several hair extension companies offering a variety of colors in clip-in hair extensions at this moment. You’re already staying ahead of the game by purchasing a set of Babe Hair Clip-Ins because of their high quality. Now take this idea and make it your own by custom coloring a client’s clip-ins to match her unique hair color, or to create the exact ombre color she envisions. Of course, you’ll have to do a strand test to make sure you won’t compromise the integrity of the hair. Keep in mind that you can always deposit color to Babe Hair, but do not lift. Always use a semi or demi color when offering color services on hair extensions. The best colors to work with for coloring are Dixie and Yvonne because of their light color.

Custom Blend. A clip-in set of hair extensions comes as a “one size fits all” set no matter the hair type, texture, or head size. Wouldn’t they look better if they were blended to perfectly fit you? Any type of hair extension should be blended to look more natural and flattering. Offering to blend in clip-ins for a client will not only look so much better, you’ll also gain a client for the next time she makes the same purchase.

Style. Big occasions are another way to make money with hair extensions. For the woman wanting to have extra length or volume on her special day, clip-ins can be placed and styled to her liking as this type of hair extension is easy to work with and can be styled with any product and tool.

Finally, clip in extensions can be a wonderful ‘gateway’ or ‘test drive’ for you and your client to discuss more permanent methods such as tape in, i-tip ort fusion.

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